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Alliance Construction formerly known as seal cal coating and paving is licensed in California and New Mexico and based in Albuquerque and San Diego. Alliance Construction is a Licensed San Diego-based small business that aims to meet all of your asphalt and concrete surfacing needs. 

We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction while protecting your asphalt and concrete investments. Alliance Construction strives to bring you the ultimate solutions to protect your investments. We offer some of the highest quality services and competitive pricing. 

We believe it is unfair for you to pay the expensive rates other companies charge for repairs, maintenance, and improvements on your asphalt and concrete surfaces.
We provide a variety of asphalt preventative maintenance services to improve the appearance and longevity of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Our services offer onsite evaluation and a personal meeting to discuss all pertaining maintenance options. Alliance Construction offers the highest quality products to ensure the customer's satisfaction.
Alliance Construction offers several types of seal coating products that can meet each and every one of your surface’s needs:
  • High-grade materials from the trusted Seal Master brand, including Master Seal—one of the industry’s number one choice for quality and performance, and our top recommendation.
  • Polymer Modified Master Seal, a high solid formula that adds durability and flexibility to your surface.
  • The E-Z Stir Pavement Sealer, the perfect seal for ensuring the longevity of all residential driveways.
Sealcoating is a necessity to avoid the inevitable deterioration that awaits untreated asphalt. Without seal coating, the asphalt binder that holds the pavement together immediately begins to oxidize and weather. As a result, moisture penetrates the asphalt, causing further damage to the pavement. We at Alliance Construction will help you win the battle against weathering and aging by supplying you with a sealer that replenishes the integral asphalt binder and, ultimately, ensures superior protection.
Alliance Construction knows that in time your asphalt surface will start to weaken and separate in certain spots, what the industry calls “Aligatoring Areas.” Whereas most asphalt companies often push the expensive process of entirely removing and replacing “Alligatoring Areas,” we at Alliance Construction offer a new solution: Liquid Road.
Liquid Road is a polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced asphalt emulsion coating that is job-mixed with specially graded aggregate and applied to the road surface. The result is a highly durable, slip-resistant surface treatment that greatly extends pavement service life. 

Liquid Road does not only have to be used on patches, but can also be used as a complete resurfacing for your driveway, parking lot, or roadway.
Alliance Construction offers two types of crack fillers from Seal Master:
  • Cold Pour Crack Sealants
  • Hot Pour Crack Sealants
Depending on the width and depth of the crack, we will consult with you to determine which crack filler you find most suitable to your asphalt surface’s needs. Throughout our years of experience, we have learned that our clients are quite knowledgeable, so we will enjoy collaborating with you and satisfying all of your requests from start to finish.
Here at Alliance Construction we pride ourselves in providing the best quality workmanship and customer service. We realize that sealing asphalt is not always the correct solution to maintaining your asphalt driveway or parking lot which is why we provide paving services to customers that require more than just crack filling and sealing.  Services include:
  • Excavating
  • Grading
  • New Paving
  • Patching
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Asphalt Removal
  • Pulverizing
  • AC Fines Crack Filling
  • Seal and Sand
  • Fog Sealing
Alliance Construction offers a full range of striping options to compliment a freshly paved or sealcoated parking lot. We can re-stripe an existing layout as well as do new striping layouts to better meet our customers needs. Striping Services Include:
  • Parking Lot Striping and Re-Striping
  • Stencils and Signs
  • Bumber Blocks
  • Handicap Symbols
  • Fire Lane
  • Curb and Gutter
  • Sidewalk
  • Valley Gutter
  • Header Curb
  • Driveways
  • ADA Compliance
Stamped Colored Concrete
Colored Concrete Stairs And Wall
Stamped Stained Concrete
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Stamped Concrete Walkway
Concrete Walkway And Fire Pit
Alliance Construction Inc. possesses the expertise to complete architecturally complex structures. Our construction team is comprised of individuals with a variety of skills in various disciplines to ensure that we are able to consistently provide our clients with high levels of quality, safety, and craftsmanship.

As we continue to implement innovative construction techniques, and design solutions, we are able to save our clients time and money.


Alliance Construction Inc. offers experience in professional construction management services tailored exactly to fit your program or project. As construction managers, we've developed a unique set of skills to support our clients. Alliance Construction's management services typically begin during design, and include the following:
  • Planning and needs assessment
  •  Schedule and budget evaluations
  •  Value engineering
  • Constructability and document review
  • Cost estimates
  • Structured bid packages for lowest cost construction
  • Monitoring, coordinating, and documenting daily construction activities
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